Anthony Kincheloe began his pursuit of the leather working trade over ten years ago, and now owns and operates Allegiant Brand Leather in the heart of Tucson, Arizona. Purposing top grain vegetable tanned oiled leather with the goal of exposing its beauty and versatility, each product is cut, tooled, designed, assembled and stitched lovingly by hand.   Raised in Oregon, Anthony grew up working from a very young age in the family run shoe store owned by his grandparents. A business where everyone was known by name, their store was a place where you sat the customer down, fit them for size, tied their shoes, and made every alteration on site if needed. This was Anthony’s introduction to stretching, staining, and saddle stitching leather. The smell of the workbench and leather were forever engrained in his childhood memories. It is what brought him to where Allegiant Brand Leather is today.   Living in a community full of creative minds and thinkers is what has kept Anthony, his two children, and wife in Tucson over the past decade. Surrounded by the wide-open spaces of the desert and mountain ranges, the romanticized feel of the wild west fuels the leatherwork Anthony continues to create each day. Trips to Mexico where families continue their long line of leather working have further inspired his work. “Tucson is our home, our family, and our creative spirit, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to make my family’s artistic dreams a reality. We simply love it here.”  -Anthony Kincheloe,  Allegiant Brand Leather
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